3L360G+ – RedBack Lasers Multi 360 degree line Green laser with Receiver

$880.91 inc GST

RedBack Lasers 3L360G+ a Self Levelling 3×360 degree green line laser.  Ultra bright and clear 3 full 360 degree lines horizontal and dual vertical at 90 degrees.  Plus includes electronic Receiver for outdoor use up to 80m diameter.  In addition Li-ion power as standard. Ideal for all interior fit out applications and outdoor site levelling and layout needs.


360 Degree 3D Multi Line Green Laser with receiver

Video show the Red Laser version the 3L360R+ features are identical.

The RedBack 3L360G+ is a multi 360 degree 3D Green line laser complete with electronic receiver LLR705.  The 3L360G+ features three 360 degree lines, one horizontal and two vertical at 90 degrees to each other.  With all three lines turned on you get plumb up down ceiling floor crosses and four wall crosses for levelling and vertical alignment.  This laser level is the ultimate 3D indoor installation laser.


RedBack 3L360G Diagram

The RedBack 3L360G+ is fully self levelling.  Simply unlock the pendulum, select your lines and you ready to work.  The RedBack 3L360G+ is incredibly bright providing crisp, clear lines in even brightly lit rooms.

The RedBack 3L360G+ does even more with pulse mode enabled it can use the included line receiver LLR705 for use outdoors for general site levelling and vertical alignment.  By using the receiver outside and the dual vertical lines you can even perform site layout.  With the RedBack LLR705 the 3L360G+ has a 80m diameter range outdoors.

The 3L360G+ also features manual mode.  This allows you to set the laser lines at any angle you want by using an optional camera style tripod or grade plate with elevating tripod as shown below.

RedBack 3L360R Manual Mode

The 3L360G+ is powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery pack providing up to 20 hrs usage and can operate off standard alkaline “AA” cells if required.  Also included in the kit is a elevating mount with both 5/8″ and 1/4″ tripod threads plus strong magnets.  The 3L360G+ is packaged in a soft carry case and contains all the included accessories such as battery and charger, receiver and clamp.

All RedBack Laser Levels have been Checked and Calibrated in Australia and come with a FREE certificate of calibration. Accessories featured in photos or video may be OPTIONAL, at an extra cost. Specifications may change without notice.

The RedBack 3L360G comes with a 2 Year manufacturers warranty.

  • Self Levelling
  • Horizontal 360 degree line for Levelling
  • 2x Vertical 360 degree lines for Alignment & Layout
  • Pulse mode for Receiver LLR705
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • Manual Mode
  • Elevating Magnetic Base
  • Cast Metal Prism Housing
  • Ultra Bright Laser Lines
  • Li-ion Rechargeable & Std Battery Operation
  • Up to 20hrs usage off a single Li-ion charge
  • 2 Year RedBack Warranty


  • Range – up to 40m visible indoors and 80m diameter using LLR705 receiver
  • Accuracy – +/- 2mm at 10m
  • Laser Class – class 3r (3a) <5mW 522nm green
  • Water Dust Resistance – IP54

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 22 cm


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