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Wet Weather and Laser Levels

Wet Weather Laser Levels

How to treat your laser level during wet weather can have a big impact on how long the laser is going to last.

Even though your laser may have a good resistance to water penetration there are some things you can do to help prevent damage due to water. First of all a few lasers are rated to be able to be submerged so try not to place or drop your laser into standing water. (IPX8 allows for submersion, to learn more about IP ratings)

Many laser levels however CAN handle being left out in the normal showers and rain (IPX5 and higher) but it’s important that the laser levels are dried off before being stored away in their carry cases. The problem is that being wet in an air tight environment it will get very humid and this humidity will enter the casing of the laser as if it is submerged and condense water onto the internal components leading to damage.

If for some reason your laser appears to have water inside it then it is important to get it dry as fast as possible before corrosion sets in, contact your laser supplier for advice immediately.

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